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About Us

Kobalt Associates and Kobalt Creative are products of over 20+ years of successful experiences in web development, E-commerce, information technology, computer based training, software support and business development. Having been part of a team that built our first website in 1994, we have seen technology, especially the Internet, dramatically change the way all of us do business.

Founded in 2005, Kobalt Associates is a provider of innovative solutions and capabilities to clients throughout North America & Mexico. The Company has extensive industry expertise and a portfolio of interrelated consulting, business process, applications, and infrastructure services necessary to create innovative solutions that achieve and sustain measurable results with an emphasis in E-Commerce, web-based software solutions, system integrations, retailing, graphic design, and multimedia projects.

Kobalt Creative provides consulting, contracting, and management of a wide variety of technology services include strategic technology implementations, application and database management, business development and technical services arrangements, web-based application development including design and user interface capabilities.

Kobalt Associates centers around business development, strategic partnerships, business strategy, investment opportunities, and product development.

We also know the fundamental characteristics of business, such as service, profitability, and credibility haven’t gone out of style. Our strongest expertise is in determining the right solution and making the decisions on how to use technology wisely to deliver on the promises you make to your customers.